How To Have Weekend Fun On A Budget

As quitting time rolled around Friday afternoon I sat on the edge of my seat ready for the weekend to begin.

You see, I used to work weekends but for the summer I’ve revised my schedule to work Monday – Friday and this was my first weekend at home off for the summer.

There was only one problem.

I had zero money. ZERO You see, I was a bridesmaid in my best friend’s wedding last weekend and shelled out quite a pretty penny on that. So many pretty, shiny, glorious, now invisible pennies that I found myself gearing up for this weekend for a rousing weekend of sitting on my hands doing nothing.

Which, in all honesty, sometimes make the best weekends. However, this weekend in particular I wanted to get out of the house and be with some friends.

I settled in on the couch, ready for a marathon hand sitting weekend when I remembered something. Something so glorious and exciting I reached for my phone and invited my friend out for Saturday night for a night on the town.

What, you may ask, conjures up so much energy, excitement and somehow now visible revenue? Unused Living Social and Groupon certificates.

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Living Social and Groupon deals may seem like impulse buys to some but for me, I’ve always treated them like investments in fun. I love trying new places and getting a deal so I’ve always liked and supported daily-deal sites. When I purchase deals I make sure they are for something I would buy on a normal basis at full price, a company I trust and an amount I can afford upon purchasing.

This past weekend I remembered I had a deal for two fandango movie tickets and a local brewery tour. I called up my friend and told her my excitement and we set a plan to meet the next day.

We met at 4 pm and caught an early matinee of the new movie Bridesmaids. We then headed over to a local brewing company, Roth Brewery, for a tour of the facilities, two free pint glasses, a tasting, a growler and the first round on them.

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By 8 pm we realized we’d had a blast and yet, hadn’t spent anything all day. This would have been an opportune moment to pull out my Sushi deal I had, however, I had used it the day before for lunch. So off we went in search of the best pizza in town. At the end of the day all we spent that night was $18 total.

Now, obviously I spent money towards the original deals but what was nice is that I’d saved these deals for a rainy day and got to use them!

The next day I received a call from another friend who wanted to get together. We were both tight on money but wanted to spend the morning together and spent a good while deciding what we could do. We finally decided upon going to the local Farmer’s Market in the morning and walking around. We spent a good two hours there and had a blast walking around, looking at local produce and catching up on life.

As I look back on the weekend now I can’t help but think how much fun I had, how much I didn’t spend and how great it was. Inexpensive fun can be knocking on your weekend window as well as long as you know where an how to save.