Premier Debt Settlement Ignores Our Multiple Requests for a Refund. – Bobbie

“Dear Damon,

I really need your help in getting back some of the money we paid into Premier Debt Settlement. We have written them a letter requesting the refund but they ignore our request. We have since had to file bankruptcy because 2 of our accounts went into liens.

Your help would be very much appreciated.


Hello Bobbie,

This is something I can assist my clients with. However I certainly can not make any promises because I can’t force any debt settlement company to offer a refund, even if one is warranted. I can certainly point out the obvious benefits to resolving a situation with a dissatisfied client and of course will point out the consequences of them failing to resolve the situation.

Since I cannot guarantee any result and every situation is different, if I am able to take your case, my fee will be only based on a recovery basis. Meaning if I am unsuccessful at persuading the company to do the right thing, I will not charge you anything. I will email you privately to get the details of your situation and from there I can determine if there is something I can do to help you.

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