I’m a Bit Leary of Fast Track Debt Relief But I Just Joined Them. – Bart

“Dear Damon,

Hello, I just joined Fast Track debt solution and I’m a little leary, I owe creditors 20,000 and I just don’t want to get scamed.

I just joined fast track debt solutions are they for real or are they a scam artist company?


Hello Bart,

Regarding Fast Track Debt Relief, here is what I said to another consumer who recently asked me about them.

Regarding Fast Track Debt Relief, my initial response is no way would I touch them. It is my understanding that they are simply a debt settlement sales affiliate for Legal Helpers Debt Resolution. In my opinion, Legal Helpers Debt Resolution represents everything that is wrong with the debt settlement industry. They are for the most part simply collecting fees upfront and forwarding most of that to Fast Track Debt Relief for making the sale. (“The Sale” is what it is all about in my opinion.)

Now that being said, I do not have a current copy of their contract, but if you want to send a copy of it to me, I will be happy to review it for free. However, if it is just a contract to enroll into the Legal Helpers Debt Resolution program so you can start sending most of your money to them in the form of fees, then I don’t need to see the contract to tell you to run screaming from that thing.

Because you have already joined them, I would highly recommend you send me the contract right away and I will review it and give you my opinion on whether you should opt out now before you get in to deep.

You can contact me through my website.

Damon is a talented independent debt coach that provides in-depth assistance and consultations for people struggling with debt. If you want a personal debt coach to help you through a difficult situation or want assistance to find secret discounts offered by debt settlement companies I think Damon Day is an excellent person to contact for advice and assistance. He can be reached directly at DamonDay.com

If you have a debt related question you’d like to ask, just use the online form.

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20 thoughts on “I’m a Bit Leary of Fast Track Debt Relief But I Just Joined Them. – Bart”

  1. On the terms link I posted directing you to all the information about the ads I say:

    “I have no input or control over what ads appear. Different ads may appear based on where you are surfing from or some other factor Google uses to determine ads. The ads are automatically generated by Google using some magic mojo but the ads are typically contextual, meaning that they are displayed by Google using the content of the page as a clue about what to display. It is doubtful the ads on this site will be for playground equipment, purple puppies, or evening wear. It is very possible it will be about something credit or debt related since the ads are picked contextually and that’s what I write about.

    Another statement that has been made is that I could go in and block “bad” companies from advertising on this site. The reality is it would be a nightmare to be able to proactively discover all the bad actors in the world and then police filters to block them. It’s a logistical nightmare. So I don’t do that, as the Washington Post and New York Times don’t do. I follow the standard practice for media outlets.”

    So really what is your issue?

    Is it that this site is supported by ad revenue? I’m clear and open about that.

    Is it you want me to go in and block certain ads? That’s nearly an impossible task since not all users see the same ads. I’m not going to invest time chasing ads I don’t even know are appearing.

    Is your concern that someone might click on an ad for a company i might have just talked about? I address that in the terms as well.

    “Some people have made the claim that my writing is in an effort to display certain ads on the site for people to click on. That’s simply not true and does not make logical sense. If I write about my concerns about pink elephants, for example, and ads related to pink elephants appear on the page, it is not reasonable to assume that readers will then in turn click on an ad for pink elephants when I just warned them about those darn pink elephants. Ultimately I have no clue who clicks or does not click on an ad.”

    Besides your objection to the ads on the site, this post was a response by Damon to a reader question. Was there something factually not true you want to address is his response?

  2. The screen shot didn’t post. But you don’t need a screen shot to see it. Just look at the top of this page or any other page on this site!

  3. I’ve read that Steve. It simply is not true. YOU have the ability to block certain ads from showing up on your website and based on your placement of the ads, you DO encourage people to click on them. I would be happy to walk you through how to block these type of ads. ALSO….Even if you couldn’t control that, WHICH YOU CAN, take a look at the screen shot below. You HAVE 13 Debt Settlement ads before any user scrolls down and see’s original content on the page. Just in case you missed it; there are 2 ways to block these types of ads:

    1. Block each specific site that shows up on your site. Their are settings in your adsense account to do this. I am happy to show you how.

    2. Remove Google adsense all together and use an ad network that lets you select the types of ads that are displayed.

    I’ve read your disclaimer and you say, “I have no input or control over what ads appear. “You’re statements are simply NOT TRUE! I would “Run away screaming” from any advice you provide.

    The screen shot cut off the right side of the page, but there are 2 more advertisements there…#7 & 8.

  4. I’ll assume their was a technical glitch and somehow my response to Steve got deleted. Here it is again:



    1. “They” are people who own, monitor or profit from this site. From
    your response I assume you are included in “they.”

    2. You are correct. I can not factually prove that this site profits thousands
    of dollars per day. Here is what I do know:

    a. It is the site owners choice to display these type of ads. You may not be
    able to block the debt  settlement industry as a whole from placing ads on
    your site but you certainly can put them in your block list within your adsense
    account. Or you can remove completely the Google adsense and join other types
    of ad networks where you can pick and choose exactly what ads are displayed on
    your site. I’d be happy to reccommend some for you. You absolutely do not need
    to have ads that promote the industry that this sites trashes, displayed on
    this site. There are other way to do this, but in my opinion, this site makes
    the most money from these type of ads, and that is why they are displayed.

    b. As for stating that this site makes thousands of dollars per day, I admit
    that may be a little high. But the point is the same. It does not matter
    whether you profit $1 or $1,000,000 per day. You are making money promoting
    companies that you say are bad and you would run screaming from. But after a
    deeper look, I would guess that this site makes a few hundred to may be a few
    thousands of dollars per day. According to many reputable website statistic
    programs, this site generates approximately 30K visitors per month. From my
    experience building and maintaining websites, these statistical site have
    always been lower than actual numbers. Typically Google Adsense Click through
    rates (the percentage of visitors to clicks) range from .05% to 1%. I believe
    this site is at the high end, probably even higher based on the relativity to the
    content and the ads displayed. Using these figures, I can confidently say this
    site makes at least a couple hundred dollars per day off of these contradictory

    It seems like the owners/operators of this site are motivated by one thing:
    PROFIT. Sounds like the same thing you trash all these companies for. You
    mislead consumers by encouraging them to click the ads of companies who you
    would “run screaming from.”. Why are these ads on top of your
    website? You have to see the ads before you see any of the content. It just
    doesn’t add up….


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