I Received a Letter From Debt Collections USA for a Really Old Debt. – Rolando

“Dear Damon,

I received a letter from Debt Collections USA dated 2/23/11 that said they had been hired to peform a “billing service” (their quotation marks) for City Urgent Care for a total of $90. I am a resident of West Virginia and City Urgent Care is in West Virginia as well.

I sent them a letter on 3/14/11 disputing the billing service as I had no recollection of incurring any debt with City Urgent Care nor have I ever been billed or contacted.

Received an computer print of itemized statement in response. Showed I got a test on 05/05/04, AMOUNT $15 but AMT DUE $0.00. Statement then shows on 9/15/10 ESTABLISHED PATIEN and underneath BAD DEBT ADJUSTMENT CODE with AMOUNT $90 and AMT DUE $90.

Date on the print out is 04/29/11. Can send scanned copy of all correspendence if needed.

Is this debt still valid (or even real at all given the zero $ AMT DUE)? Has the statute of limitations expired?

Even if it has expired and cannot be collected, will it be reflected on my Credit Report?

What next steps do you recommend?



Hello Rolando,

It appears to me that they supplied you with the evidence you need to show you do not owe a bill. Have you ever received a collection call or letter prior to hearing from these guys in the last 7 years or so?

It sounds like there was a 15 dollar charge, but it could have been billed to your insurance and not to you as you know have a statement that shows you didn’t owe anything.

When is the last time you pulled your credit report? Did you see this bill on there?

I would tell them that you paid the bill and the statement they gave you clearly shows their was no balance due. It sounds like this might be a mistake on their part.

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