Reader Asks About NetDebt. Let’s Play “Do They Comply.”

A reader sent in an email and wanted me to see the following statement by a site called NetDebt at

The issue they wanted to point out was the statement the site made.

The site makes other statements the solution involves a law firm but I could not find any mention on the site who the law firm is.

The site lists their address as:

NetDebt Customer Service
27651 La Paz Road Suite 100
Laguna Niguel, CA. 92677

The domain name is registered to NetDebt, LLC at:
27631 La Paz Road, Suite C
Laguna Hills, California 92677

The contact is Dan Sparks.

Daniel Sparks is also the president of HireLive.

Dan says that his role with NetDebt is not one of owner but that he is the national sales manager of NetDebt, which is part of the staffing and recruiting industry. – Source

He also says:

The Law Firm [NetDebt] work[s] with averages 40% settlement for their clients. Also has the only 100% online sign up for the industry.

So it appears NetDebt is not the actual provider of services.

The part of the website that caught my eye when I first looked at it was the savings calculator. Below you will see what was shown when I plugged in $100,000 for the amount of debt.

So in this episode of Do They Comply in which we look at a debt relief site, my question to you is are the fees charged permitted under a non-loophole model and do the statements about results comply with the FTC TSR rules on claims.

What do you think? Post your comments below and vote.

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  1. Good find. The Mito Law website is at and lists the following attorneys:

    Karoleen Mito, Esq. Managing Partner
    Justin Lynch, Esq. Associate Attorney
    Alexis White, Esq. Associate Attorney
    Vanessa Alquijoy, Esq. Associate Attorney


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