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Who Can I Go to For a Mass Joinder Suit Against My Lender? – Andrew

“Dear Andy,

Note & TD assigned 4 times.MERS,lenders and servicing companies refuse to send documents.” Modification” started 2 years ago.Only talked to telephone operators.Submitted docs many times.Was told to get 2 months behind.Did trial payments.No modification.

Received info about joinder law suits.Seemed way to go.
Considered Brookstone and Mitchell Stein.They do not check out by me.Too busy suing each other.Attorneys with their problems and projected problems for clients.

Are there other law firms in California doing joinder suits against the lender banks to whom I could be referred ?


Dear Andrew,

I couldn’t refer you to any law firms for mass joinder suits, because I have never heard of a law firm that has actually won one. That’s the problem, all sizzle, no steak.

They sure are doing a swell job of selling entry into these suits though, and the fact that the lawyers now seem to be fighting over all those upfront fees would greatly concern me also. If anyone ever gets anything in return still remains to be seen.

Go with your gut on this one Andrew. Keep us posted on your progress below in the comment section. Good Luck.

Best Regards,

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