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NuHavens Refuses to Give Refund 80 Year Old for Debt Relief Services Never Delivered. Winds Up on TV,

A tipster (send in your tips here) sent in a link to a story by WTKR about a debt relief company called NuHavens who labels themselves as consumer advocates. It sure does not appear to be much advocacy going on here.

According to WTKR, 80 year old Brigitte Musial paid NuHavens to negotiate her debt. Things did not work out as anticipated and when she asked for a refund she got nothing.

In the television report here you can watch the reporter call NuHavens and get nowhere.

The Musials told NewsChannel 3 almost immediately after they signed the contract with Nuhavens, giving the company the right to negotiate with the credit card companies on their behalf, Nuhavens drafted nearly $3,600 in retainer and settlement fees from Brigitte’s bank account. The Musials say it was not until weeks later when the company sent letters to two of the credit card companies notifying them that they would be intervening on the Musials’ behalf. However, Kristine showed NewsChannel 3 documents revealing Nuhavens sent one of the letters to the wrong company.

Month after month for nearly a year, Nuhavens drafted its $800 fee from Musial’s account. The family said when they asked representatives from the company about any progress, the company always claimed “they were working on it”.

After nearly $8,000 of the Musials’ money was in Nuhavens hands and not a dime of it paid to their creditors, they were able to get out of their contract. However, the Musials say Nuhavens gave them the runaround when they asked for a refund for services not rendered. – Source

According to the BBB, who has given NuHavens an F rating, the company is actually a Nevada company. NuHavens, LLC is said to be under the control of Jason Mathers, 3721 Crellin Circle, Las Vegas, NV 89120. – Source

The BBB says the president of NuHavens is actually E. Robert Nigro. – Source

It is possible the company is operating out of Orange County, California and the president’s name is Edward Nigro. – Source

Others report online that they have had similar experiences with NuHavens.

I am a Disabled Vet: I was contacted by a debt Management Company in 2008, to settle my credit problem. I haved contacted the Attorny General in Concord NH. They sent me a letter telling me my information was sent to CA Attorney General April 1, 2011. Also filed a complant with the FTC, still waiting to hear from the FBI, Filed a complant with the LA bbb. The company NuHavens LLC, after two years has taken my money in the amount of $464.00 a month for two years, an only settled one debt. I have been trying to get my mony back, which it states in there contract will be promply returned, have been waiting from 1 March 2011 an The company tells me I am not getting my money back, The owner Mr Edward Robert Nigro has abused me severly over the phone an tells me to Fxxx my self he will file bankrupsie. How do I get any one to help me? I belive that fraud has been commited hear. I am one of many that this company has robed, or swindeled money from. Now I am in more serious financial situation. NuHavens LLC owes me 10,800.00. The money I live is all Federal money. Commiting fraud on me I feel is also frauding the Goverment. Who can help me? Thank You.
Mr Mayo Disabled Vet; – Source

My mother and I have become the latest victims in the sceme to defraud desperate people attempting to do the right thing by paying their debts. NuHavens also contacted my mother and promised to pay her debts off within a year. They took 800.00 out of her account each month and NEVER contacted the creditors. I got fed up and decided to do it myself. I struck up a deal to settle a huge account for a meer 3400.00….there was plenty of money in her NuHavens acct to settle. The settlement was faxed and Mr. Robert Nigro, the owner rejected the settlement! When I speak with anyone in the company they are very nasty. I did speak with the owner, Mr. Robert Nigro and he was by far the most arrogant, nasty, dispicable person I have ever dealt with. We signed a contract, and we held up our end and they did not. This means we should get all of our money back. I cancelled the contract and contacted my local news channel. They have a segment on the show where they help people in need or in crisis. They came out to the house on Thursday to interview us. This will air on TV May 10th. While the news crew was here, they called NuHavens several times. They were hung up on and nasty..all this caught on TV… I dont know what else to do. It was 8000.00….again….federal money if you will. My mother gets SS and military retirement pay. I agree…this is almost a rip off of gov. money. – Source

Another person reports they traded under the names of NuHavens Law Firm, NuHavens Debt Management, NuHavens LLC, and NuHavens Consumer Advocates.

According to public records, the domain name is owned by:

Edward Nigro
17162 Berlin Lane
Huntington Beach, California 92649
[email protected]


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    • Yxbopb

      They got $6000.00 of my money and only paid out $165.00 settlement for the last three years. Mark said I had only $900.00 and some dollars in my account left. Email them and no answer.

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