Should I Go With GuaranteedBankruptcy.com to Complete My Bankruptcy Papers? – Benny

“Dear Lewis,

Need to file Chapter 7. I have seen online adverts for Guaranteed Bankruptcy.com. They guarantee the process and they say money back if not satisfied. They sound really great–but we all have heard the old adage. This is the only thing I have found to give me a little hope, as I am completly broke. They also provide the means test.

This is something I can afford. Are these companies for real, or just another online scam to take peoples money?? I have just enough to do this process. Then I can finally move forward. I cannot afford to be scammed right now–Help??


Dear Benny,

I can’t get any of their web pages to load up on two different browsers. And I see complaints all over the place on Google.

I think that answers the question. Doesn’t look good for the abilities.

I can’t imagine an $89 software package does much more than you can do yourself by getting the bankruptcy forms from your local bankruptcy court website.

I always strongly caution people that they should use an attorney if at all possible. Yes, it might be “expensive”, but that is a relative term. One small misstep in covering your assets with exemptions (or failing to cover them properly) could result in a huge mess with the bankruptcy trustee.

Good luck,

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