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Veritas Assurance Group Announces Full Legal Protection to All Consumers in Any Debt Settlement Program. No Need for an Attorney Debt Settlement Company Anymore.

This is finally public and it might be a great asset to all performance based debt settlement companies that would like to provide legal protection to their clients.

It’s a big advantage for consumers since they can now get access to legal protection while in a debt settlement plan without having to pay an attorney firm all those advanced fees they charge before they even begin to settle the debt.


You are not alone. I'm here to help. There is no need to suffer in silence. We can get through this. Tomorrow can be better than today. Don't give up.

Veritas Assurance Group is now proud to announce an agreement with Hyatt Legal Plans, a MetLife Company, to offer a Legal Plan for consumers enrolled in a Debt Settlement Program.

CLEVELAND – Hyatt Legal Plans, a MetLife Company, the largest provider of group legal plans in the United States, with a nationwide network of over 11,500 attorneys, will provide full legal representation to consumers enrolled in a Debt Settlement Program. Hyatt currently provides legal plan services to over 1,300 companies and organizations, including over 130 Fortune 500 companies.

Developed with affordability for the consumer in mind, Veritas Assurance Group is proud to announce the only legal plan providing members with representation for credit card/debt collection litigation defense created specifically for consumers enrolled in any Debt Settlement Program. Located in Delray Beach, FL, the Veritas Assurance Group was created by veterans of the Debt Relief industry.

Veritas Assurance Group recognized that the main reason consumers dropped out of Debt Settlement Programs is the overwhelming emotions they experience when faced with a creditor lawsuit coupled with not having the available funds to settle the lawsuit. Unlike traditional legal service plans, which only provide discounted attorney services, Hyatt provides full coverage for all attorney fees through its nationwide network of attorneys.

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“Depending on the state, statistically 37% of accounts enrolled in a 36-month or longer Debt Settlement Plan will receive a lawsuit,” says Angelo Anzalone, President of Veritas Assurance Group. Anzalone goes on to say that “New FTC rules require complete disclosure of all risks associated with Debt Settlement Programs including the risk of creditor lawsuits. Veritas is offering an affordable solution to help defend against creditor lawsuits while allowing your client to continue accumulating funds to ensure a comfortable experience for consumers.”

For more information please contact Sean Ryan at The Veritas Assurance Group directly at 877-745-5006 ext 1001 or [email protected]

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  • @cb4beb16fc9f829dbf012703b74cbad6:disqus  –
    Sorry for the confusion but no on court costs & filing fees. Only pays attorney associated expenses. Post judgment work is excluded and any lawsuit the client has before joining. There is also a 14 day wait to avoid the inherent vice Re: Receiving a lawsuit & then deciding to purchase cover- 
    And, no, an attorney is not assigned until a summons is presented. 

    You are welcome to call me & I will email you a contract to look over. 
    877-745-5006 Ext 1001 

  • Almost sounds too good to be true. It covers court costs too? Court filing fees alone in CA can exceed $300 (per defendant!). Does it cover any post judgment work like claims for exemption? How about motions to set aside defaults? Sorry, one more question: the monthly fee covers all lawsuits consumers has filed against them? Sorry, another question: does consumer know who attorney is prior to signing up/before services are needed?

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