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We Signed Up With ESP but Now I Can’t Reach Them and I’m being Sued. – Donna

ESP contacted us last June. We signed up with them thinking it was a better way to lump all charges together, pay them one set amt. monthly fee, and get charges cleaned up within a five year period. it turns out that some of their representations are fradulent, or non existent, there have been long periods when phone numbers and addresses ceased to exist, and then they pop into our lives again, and then repeat the same stunt a few weeks later. Not only can I not reach them, neither can crdtrs. When we started, all charges were current, making monthly payments usually more than min.amt. and nearly never late on any, now, I am facing judgments, liens threatening calls, and ESP is not helpful….

How can I get out of this mess in the less damaging way. I have intested nearly $3500 in fees, I have documentation that we were sold this program with false statements and have evidence of mail being returned, calls going unanswered, numbers changing without notification to us or creditors…what do you suggest.


I’m currently backed-up on answering questions so I’m posting some of the questions here for you to help answer.

This is your chance to be a hero and help out this person by providing your feedback and answer to the question in the comments section below.

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