After 14 Months With the Lloyd Ward Debt Settlement Program the Balances Have Only Grown. – Eli

My parents are retired, and my mom has allot of debt. Too much debt for my dad to pay for, because he’s living on social security. They own a home outright though. They live in Greece now, and I’m living in there house, because my life isn’t much better. I feel resposible for recommending lloyd Ward @ Associates. so I’m trying to make it right for them. I’m handling their matters while they are in Greece. My name e is Eli their son

My situation is very similar to one of your followers on Lloyd ward @ Associates. My parents have been making $411/mo payments for 14 months now thinking that when they signed up with this firm that they where going to contact all of there creditors, and inform them that the’ve entered this debt settlement program, and that they will be settling their debt with them.

After 14 months I’ve noticed that this debt load which originally was $27,000 aprox. has ballooned over $30,000, and my parents are getting sued by every credit card company. When I called lloyd ward @ associates they tell me that they have no control over if they sue or not. So I had to settle with 2 companies already for much over the original debt load. So I decided to use my home equity loan to settle now with the remaining debtors. When I called lloyd ward, and told them that I want to settle now before I receive more court summonses they eventually came back with a settlemen t figure that was over the original debt load, and not the 40% savings that they promised me.

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