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“Dear Andy,

I have been trying to help a freind to get a loan modification since May 22, 2009 with no avail. It has been fustrating. I am still in the process and awaiting a response from the services. All the time the services said that the documents are not complete and I need to send them again. During this time my friend loss her husband, was in disability for a few months and she has been working since january 2010 and has been making every month the payments that she was approved on the trial period starting August 2009.
She has done for the past two years. She will get a response soon if the loan modification is approved.

I just got a Litigation Settlement Notification Form H-118 Mass Joinder Litigation Lawsuit from Litigation Settlement Department , Irvine, CA 92626, Law Firm Phone Number : 1-877-439-3244. When I called I was told by Ramon that about 18 months ago there was a lawsuit aginst Chase and that some attorney from this banks joined together to bring the lawsuit to get the money that the banks received from the goverment and told me that i need to pay $2,500.00 as a down payment to investigate if there was any anomalies on my mortgage loan and if there any case the lawyer will lower my loan by 80% and at 2% for the rest of the term loan. Then I will have to pay the rest of the $2000.00. I have an appointment with them this morning but I got in the internet and found you and reading your website I decided to write you because I believe this is a scam. My appointment is at 10:00 this morning at I will send you a copy of the mail I received from this of fice and the address is 5855 Green valley Cir. Ste 209, Culver City, CA 90230. This is the second time I received this document. I thank in advance for any help I may receive and for your answer to my question.

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You’re not alone. Chase was a hot mess all through 2009 when reviewing modifications. I’m not sure if it was just them having trouble implementing their new systems for HAMP (it was launched in 2009) or what it was. I’ve seen way too many people to count that initiated a modification review with Chase in 2009, and are still stuck in limbo waiting for an answer. That’s the bad news.

The good news is that things are running a lot smoother nowadays over at Chase. If they are telling you that they are close to a decision, that may be true. Unfortunately you will still have to continue updating documents until they do make that final decision though. If you now have what they call a “relationship manager” than you’re on the right track, work with them and get them everything they need, and you should be all set.

As for the mass-joinder idea, I don’t like it, never have. I have never read anything in regards to the mass-joinder suits that strike me as it being a good idea. All you have to do is search the term ”mass-joinder” in the search box on this site and that will provide you with plenty of reading. The only time I would suggest that someone join one of these suits is when they have the money to throw away, and losing the full retainer fee would not set them back even further.

Please do submit the information they have sent you to the site. Steve has a “virtual library” of all the crap these mass-joinder folks have been sending out, and it may just help someone else that receives the same thing and is also searching for answers. If you ever have further questions or would like to keep us updated on your progress, please use the comment section below. I am subscribed to this post and will do my best to respond promptly.

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