8 thoughts on “Reliant Account Management – RAM Servicing. Anybody Used Them? Review.”

  1. Reliant Account Management (RAM) is a trust account provider/payment processor that serves companies in the debt relief industry. RAM, and a handful of companies like them, are required to hold funds deposited by consumers enrolled in debt relief programs, and to distribute payments to creditors and debt relief service providers when contractual agreements are made to pay or settle debts. Under the revised telemarketing sales act (federal law), all debt relief companies are mandated to use third parties companies like RAM to hold consumer funds and distribute all payments.

  2. I am an accountant, several of my clients have used debt settlement companies.

    Reliant Account Management – RAM is responsible for cutting the checks and collecting money.

    Have not had any issues with them, seem like good people I have worked with a Sara a few times.

  3. Benjamin Carrera. Ram was servicing my account thru Americor. and request to get a copy of statement form 3/17 t0 12/17. I need to know what company was settled or not settled. My account listed (7) company. Americor account #5806. Thank you.


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