DeVry University Says I Owe Money on an Educard and Won’t Give Me My Transcript So I Can Go back to School. – Tonya

I am from North Carolina and I attended DeVry University in Decatur, GA back in 1997. I went for a year and half and then had to withdraw for personal reasons.

My father had borrowed money from his 401K to help pay for my tuition. I also received goverment loans to cover the extra expenses.

The school had something called an Educard which was an account that you could charge your books and some of the other college expenses to and pay on a monthly basis. When I left the school I thought all my expenses from this Educard was paid in full but to my surprise when I enrolled in a local college years later I listed this school as previously attended school and therefore had to requested a copy of my transcript but was unable to get it because the school says that I owe them money from my Educard account ($3,259.00).

I have enrolled in another college & I have taken all the courses that I could without actually having a major but the school will not let me official enroll in a program of study until they have all official transripts.

How long is a transcript valid (it has been over 10yrs since I attended the school), can you omit a school & if you have retaken any courses that are listed on the transcript that would be valid or transferable to the new school what difference does it make if you get the transcript or not?


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  1. I know you posted this 9 months ago, but in case you didn’t get an answer, here’s my advice.
    I actually work at a state university as an advisor, so I know quite a bit about this. I find it odd that your school won’t allow you to enroll in a program of study without a transcript, yet you are taking classes. Normally (at least where I work), you need a transcript to get admitted. You can not even enroll or be admitted (unless you are under the Fresh Start program) until the school has your transcript. The Fresh Start Program, allows you to essentially “start over” at a university. The catch, though, is that you have to take all your courses again that you might have taken at the previous university and a certain amount of time must have elaspsed between when you attended that school (DeVry) and the present. I believe 10 years is the magical number. 


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