I Owe Rogers Telecom in Canada. How Many Years Can They Sue Us? – Ellie

“Dear Steve,

We had Roger’s Telecom for our home, computer, and cell phone. Roger’s could never get our contract straight so we opt out to Bell Canada. Now Roger’s is coming after us for the bill after 4 years. We have been sworn at to the point a Roger’s employee told us to pay the Fuc-en Bill. Then they Roger’s called us repeatly for days and the calls were comiung in to our home every 15-20 minutes per day. We wrote to the CRTC which govern’s the laws of the telecom service. They were appolled to say the least. We left off with Roger’s that we would never ask for their service no matter what, and we have agreed to that.

Now I ask you how long is this debt good for—in other words I think this is Statue Barred. They have not contacted us 4 years—now they the collection agency is harrassing us every day by the hour.
I do beleive that this debt is statue barred from collecting.

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Dear Ellie,

A debt barred by time limits the creditors ability to sue you but not attempt collections.

In Ontario and Alberta a creditor can only sue for two years but that can be extended in some situations. In the rest of Canada it is six years or ten years.

But to be certain what the statute of limitations is for your debt I would suggest you meet with a lawyer in your area for a definitive answer.

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2 thoughts on “I Owe Rogers Telecom in Canada. How Many Years Can They Sue Us? – Ellie”

  1. Seems like 6-10 years is a long time to have someone trying to collect on you. If the bill is less than the attorney fee, may just need to pay it and never do business with them again. @Steve, do they have any legal ground to get any monies back that they paid and didn’t get what they were expecting to get? or is that a question really for the attorney?

    • Determining is a debt is truly statute barred would require a local attorney to review the particular situation and offer an opinion. It’s not as clearcut as you’d hope it would be.

      Getting credit or a discount for poor service is something that is most likely going to be awarded at the time the issue happened. I can’t remember a single situation I’ve seen where someone retroactively got money back so many years later.


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