I’m Trying to Help a Friend With a Warrant, Court Fines and Others Debts. – Alicia

“Dear Michael,

My name is Alicia and I am trying to find help for a friend of mine.

His name is Jesse, he is currently in such deep debt that he just keeps going downhill.

He has many court fines, he doesn’t have a job, his car recently broke down and he also has a warrant. Which he got for his court fines adding up.

I don’t know if this is something you feel you can tackle, but my friend needs some dear and true help, A lot more help than I can offer him!!

Where should he start in trying to better his life?



Hi Alicia,

The first thing your friend needs to tackle is the warrant. If he can be arrested during a routine traffic stop, this will only add to his woes and cause even more expense. Jesse should look to any resource available to address this issue first.

Do you know the amount that is owed to the court or any additional fines?

I do not think a HELOC is going to be on the table given what appears to be deteriorating finances and a credit report that lenders would use to immediately disqualify him for any additional loan products.

You should look to help him set up an appointment to speak with a local bankruptcy attorney to discuss his overall financial and debt situation. Speaking with the attorney does not mean you are filing, it just means you are learning. That information can then be evaluated for its appropriateness and timing.

Are there issues that would prevent Jesse from filing bankruptcy?

You are a good friend to be reaching out on his behalf. Sometimes people we care about are too involved in the messiness of their own situation and can really use a friend to help guide them. It can take some of the pressure off.

Please comment in the thread below with what you learn and to answer the above questions.

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