Moving Forward Radio Show – Cutting Costs In The Kitchen

This week on the Moving Forward radio show Pam and I sat down to discuss inexpensive meals and how to save money in the kitchen. Obviously, we’ve talked at great lengths between our articles and last week’s show about the joys and savings you can find within couponing but today we take saving money in the kitchen one step further, using your coupon knowledge to find and create inexpensive meals.

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In preparation for this show we found some great sites and books that can help guide you along the path to a cheaper kitchen experience:

The authors of these books have done all the hard work for you, most have found themselves in times of money trouble and compiled lists and recipes of dishes you can make when money is tight. We highlight the fact that just because you’re trying to cut cost in the kitchen doesn’t mean you need to cut costs on nutrition.

Pam offered up some suggestions for cheap meals including making breakfast for dinner and serving pancakes or french toast. If you’re in the market for a good breakfast for breakfast try an idea from a friend of mine: scrambled eggs, veggies and black beans. This concoction can cost less than $5 for all of the ingredients and you could even stretch the ingredients over a few days.

We also showcase RecipeMatcher.com which is a site where you can input the items you currently house in your pantry and match up suggestions for meals to cook that include those ingredients.

From my pantry, pictured above, I was able to find dozens of recipes for dishes I could make using what I had or buying very few other ingredients!

Also, want to know some tips to cut down on energy costs in the kitchen? Well, have a listen! Also, see if you can count how many times I say “exactly” during the show.

If you have any tips or ideas you’d like to share please leave a comment below!!

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