Red & Green State Update – June 2, 2011

Statutory and regulatory compliance has always created challenges for any industry as they have created uncertainty and complexity in organizations strategic plans. Debt relief providers constantly have to navigate compliance issues, especially for companies that operate in multiple states. As the TSR has now aged 6 months and states continue to move forward with pending legislation that is even more restrictive here is a look at the next 90 days.

Texas, Indiana, Missouri, Maryland & North Dakota

Whether a debt settlement company viewed the preceding states as Green the color dial is now changing to Red. The combined states have a soon to be effective date that will require Certification, Insurance & Bonding. The passage of new state license requirements creates a potential shift in the company’s policies and offering of services as their national strategy is affected. Preparation time is now limited for company’s not in the know as the new laws impact 14% of the US Population and to continue in these regions will require significant capital and considerable time.

State – Population

Texas – 24,782,302
Indiana – 6,423,113
Maryland – 5,699,478
Missouri – 5,987,580
North Dakota – 646,844
Total – 43,539,317

Compliance officers will have to scramble to ensure their organization is in compliance as the industry has seen in the past failure to comply is a very costly endeavor. Companies that comply will be challenged with poachers that choose continue to operate without out the proper credentials. As seen in 2009, Colorado Attorney General sued against 11 companies that did just that violate the law.

Whether it is an indirect violation by not being informed or having access to the right information the free pass is gone and willful ignorance is a failed defense.

Tip of the Week

A recommendation for a company that would offer services in the State of Washington they would need to do the following with the department of licensing:

  1. As an out of State Corporation (foreign entity) file a Certificate of Authority with the Sec of State. This would qualify the corporation to be recognized by the state of WA and the Sec of State would issue them a UBI #. Once the UBI # was obtained they would then go to step 2
  2. Fill out a master application to open a business in the state of WA. Once they hear back from the Sec of State go to step 3.
  3. Follow Chapter 18.28 RCW**
    **Chapter 18.28 RCW is what is called a “Private Right of Action”, meaning that no agency oversees the law so if a citizens feels the chapter has been violated they hire a private attorney or the AG might take action if sever.

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