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I Was in the Safetrust Financial Program But Kept Getting Sued by My Creditors. Now I Want a Refund. – Sonya

“Dear Damon,

I was in the debt program with safetrust financial over a year ago, I cancled my account because I was getting sued from one of my creditors, I paniced and cancled my account, I figured well if one of my going to sue me, then the rest will sue me too.

can I still get a refund from financial, I was in the program for 8 months


Hello Sonya,

It is very unlikely that you will get a refund as Safetrust Financial has filed for bankruptcy, however you could file a claim with the bankruptcy court. Just don’t get your hopes up.

Here is an article Steve wrote about their bankruptcy.

Unfortunate news aside, what happened with your credit card accounts? Where you able to get them resolved or are you still dealing with them?

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