We Can Only Afford to Eat Once a Day. How Can We Get By? – Brenda

“Dear Steve,

Husband and I are both on Social Security. He and I have several health issues making it impossable to work. We own our house but with all of the drs and hospital bills and our monthly payments we can not get ahead we live from month to month. We only eat one time a day and we do not smoke or drink I have cut back my medicine to every other day trying not to use so much of it. When we go to town we do it one time a week doing drs and visiting on that day. We insurure both automobiles in case of emergencies. We dont have a home phone number trying to concerve we grow our own vegetables.

How else can I conserve? How can I make ends meet? We are stuggling so bad and I just cant make do?


Dear Brenda,

You do have some options and I’m going to list them in no particular order.

  • Sell your house and rent. You might be able to convert what equity you have in your house into an emergency fund to help in tough times. You could draw on that fund to help pay the rent.
  • Check Out Benefit Programs. There may be more benefit programs you are eligible for that can help with food and medicine. In particular are food supplemental programs like SNAP and Medicaid to help deal with medical bills. You can find out what benefit programs you may be eligible for at Benefits.gov.
  • Meals on Wheels. You might be eligible for food assistance through Meals on Wheels. Check their site to locate the local chapter that can help you.
  • Sell One Car. If you are both not working then you can probably get by with one car. Sell one, donate one, or just simply get rid of one so you don’t have to pay insurance, registration or other related expenses on that car.
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