Nationwide Support Services Says What? Are Marketers Being Told the Truth?

A tipster (send in your tips here) sent in the following graphic that was sent out by Nationwide Support Services in an attempt to attract new companies to send them clients.

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I added the arrows to the image to point out some items that caught my eye. Now it might just be that Nationwide Support Services has some secret sauce for defining terms like homes in foreclosure and consumer debt but in attempting to verify those claims I can’t find any supporting data.

Here is what the Federal Reserve is currently reporting regarding revolving consumer debt volume. As you can see it is nowhere near $2.4 trillion.

RealtyTrac is reporting the number of homes in foreclosure is 1,755,813. – Source

My concern with this pitch by NSS is for potential marketers that might be getting involved or excited by the presentation that might not be based on great data in which to make a good decision.

I’m not sure what the foreclosure defense program is but let’s just hope it has nothing to do with mass joinder suits which are under active investigation in a number of states.

Also, be aware, tax resolution programs are not a “free pass” in which to make a lot of money without risk or liability. In fact there have been a number of recent suits filed against tax resolution companies for collecting advanced fees and not delivering.

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