Can I Add My Past Due Truck Payments On the End of My Loan? – Ryan

“Dear Steve,

Last fall I bought a $8,000 truck and signed on a $17,000 loan. I’m at $15,500 now and two payments late facing collections and repo. I contact the auto loan company weekly but no help. I pay $367 a month and cannot afford it due to cut backs at work. I’m stuck sir, and need real help.

Can I have my payments added to the duration of my loan? Can I get out of this mess? Thank you so much for your time.


Dear Ryan,

While there is no requirement for a lender to do so, I have seen situations in which lenders have added the amount past due to the end of the loan.

You will need to talk to your lender, be open and honest about your situation, and attempt to negotiate such an arrangement.

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