Golden Financial Services Looking For Sales Reps for “Luxury Debt Settlement Program.”

I’m now getting a bit more worried for sales representatives and marketers that fall into programs promising all sorts of fantabulous claims. Take this ad below that a tipster (send in your tips here) sent in that Golden Financial Services is running.

It seems that the advertisement for potential sales representatives is making some very bold claims that could run an agent or marketer afoul of the law if they did not know what they were doing.


100k +Debt/Tax Resolution and Credit Restoratio​n Affiliate Programs ( (Nation Wide (Headquaters FL TX NY CA))

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We are a Florida based company, but we do business nationwide.
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Our services include the following:

Our Debt and Tax Settlement Affiliate Program will help clients that otherwise couldn’t be helped, you’ll open up a profitable new revenue stream, and it’s a simple process: You can sell the program yourself, or simply refer business over to us and let us do all the work for you. The average CREDIT RESTORATION deal pays $300.00 TAX deal pays $1,500.00 DEBT SETTLEMENT deal pays $1,620.00 PER CLIENT

Our credit restoration department will provide consumers the ability to have derogatory marks removed from their credit including collection marks, foreclosures, late payments and just about anything excluding government backed student loans. [Anyone else worried about CROA issues?]

Offer the help to your clients if you are in the real estate or mortgage industry to improve their credit in less than 6 months, helping them to get approved for the best rates and the loan they need. Your clients will love you more than ever, send you more referrals and while you earn more money.

Our tax department can stop liens, levies and garnishments, while at the same time saving clients 1000s of dollars on their tax liability. [All liens?] The entire tax department is headed by an X IRS frontline attorney, making the program that much more powerful.

When it comes to our debt settlement program there are 4 words that come to mind “luxury debt settlement program”. The debt settlement program pays affiliates the most generous commissions in the industry and the retention is unheard of.

Most of the loan officers across the country are struggling, while our Loan officers and Debt/Tax Settlement Affiliates are making more money than before.

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The key to succeed is to diversify your business and get additional revenue streams. Brokers must offer a wide range of programs to generate multiple profitable revenue streams. Our Debt and Tax Settlement Affiliate Program accomplishes this.

CUSTOM PROGRAMS: We offer Debt and Tax Settlement Programs from 6-60 months, allowing you to custom tailor a program to fit your client’s needs.

From helping to set up an office, to training your sales team, we partner you in every step you take. We go the extra mile to build and maintain a long-term relationship with our Debt and Tax Settlement Affiliates.

Why us?
2. We provide complete collection call harassment protection to our clients. [Complete?]
3. We take all types of Unsecured Debts.
4. We can remove judgments, foreclosures, Bankruptcy and any type of collections in less than 6 months off all of the credit bureaus. [Seems like illegal credit repair.]
5. You really don’t need to generate agreements or spend half an hour entering customer information into word files. Just enter client’s information into the CRM and click send. An agreement would be sent to the client. That’s it.
6. Highest Commission to our Affiliates.
7. 2 weeks on site training by a certified trainer, using best in the industry training material. Online training is available for experienced Affiliates.
8. 1 Service delivery manager assigned to you for shift long support.
9. Weekly Quality audits by our staff.
10. Weekly Sales opportunity audits by our staff.
11. Weekly Quality call calibration.
12. Weekly reviews to find areas of improvement.
13. DNC scrubbing facility available.
14. Our debt settlement program will provide creditor contact within 30 days of approval for ALL creditors. It will not matter if the account is in collection or if the consumer is still current; all creditors will be contacted in the first month. [Please don’t let that be a POA.]
15. Lawsuits and Judgments’ that occur for clients while on our debt settlement program will be dismissed through our attorney defense program for no extra cost and that is a HUGE PLUS! [Really?]
16. The debt settlement program provides the client with 1 legal assistant and attorney throughout the entire program allowing your client to get personalized attention until they graduate.
17. 90 percent retention on all programs.
18. In business since 1993.
19. Listed with Forbes in 2008 as one of the fastest growing companies in the United States.

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Affiliate Sellers

We: Provide the client contracts and the service.
You: Get appropriate signatures and documents (sale) and get paid.
*Daily, weekly and monthly payout available by check or wire
*Call centers welcome

Revenue Share Lead Generation/ Hot Transfers

Do You Have a Question You'd Like Help With? Contact Debt Coach Damon Day. Click here to reach Damon.

We: Make the sale and provide the service.
You: Provide a qualified lead.
*Daily, weekly and monthly payout available by check or wire
*Call centers welcome

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Hiring Organization: GFS World Law

Best Regards,
Keith Whitehead
Director of Business Development
Golden Financial Services:
Make it a great 2011
Hiring Organization: GFS WORLD LAW Hiring Organization: GFS WORLD LAW – Source

The ad makes a number of claims which are alarming and make me concerned they really know what they are doing. And is it really Golden Financial Services or World Law?

It is true that they list an A+ rating with the BBB but with all those other fringe claims, it makes me wonder why. – Source

Anyone have any feedback on that ad? Is it something that you’d leap at or recommend that people go for or do you have some concerns over the promises made about the program to potential marketers?

Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

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