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ReadyForZero Friends Score Big. Congratulations Guys!

Just heard two fantastic bits of news from my friends over at, the free service to help get out of debt.

They have just closed a round of venture funding for $4.5 million that will allow them to take the platform even further. ReadyForZero is a free service that allows people to reduce their debt faster by prioritizing their debt reduction approach.

Besides the venture funding, which is a really big deal, comes news that ReadyForZero users are getting out of debt twice as fast as non-users.

The difference in progress of ReadyForZero users can be seen in a matter of a few months and based on data tracked so far the results are pretty terrific.

That’s no joke – this data suggests that active ReadyForZero users are paying down their debts 2x faster than people who aren’t using ReadyForZero. The results are amazing.

Longtime readers may remember that I happen to be the official get out of debt guy with ReadyForZero and we’ve talked about a lot of new free features that they hoped to implement when they secured the funding. Based on the millions of dollars in investment they just got I am confident ReadyForZero is poised to become a big player in the debt relief industry. It will be exciting to watch and could be a game changer.

And as the great team over at ReadyForZero says, “And now with more capital resources we can take everything we’ve done so far to the next level. This is an opportunity to continue making things people need and safely experimenting with new ideas faster. This next level includes hiring top talent, addressing all your open issues and feature requests (a long and growing list!), and expanding our office. But, more importantly than any of that, we will be using this to build a great product and service that people can’t stop talking about.”

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This is going to be a blast to watch unfold.


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