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“Dear Steve,

I subscribe to CreditReport.com. I went on line to cancel my subscription when I saw a link for debt relief. I chose one of three companies and filled out the contact form. A young man called me back – interviewed me and explained the program. He then sent me a link with a user id and password to a pre-populated form using the information I provided. I have stripped out the personal info but left the financial data so that you can see my predicament. Below is the initial background that I provided via email to Capital Financial Group.

“The high interest rates are totally out of control – I called Citi and tried to arrange a payoff with a lower interest rate – they were rude, arrogant and completely uninterested in helping me. I am self employed and currently have only a small project. I do believe that will change but I have no guaranteed income source at the moment. I got married in March of 2010 but my husbands’ credit is not good and his income stream is also challenged. I still have good credit – I believe my score is around 765 but that may change with the latest action from AMEX. Since they have reduced my credit to the amount owed – my debt to credit ratio is now compromised. And with the monthly interest charge – I have no margin of credit left. I had always paid off my AMEX credit card in full monthly until late 2010. The other two cards were meant to be a stop gap between between projects – low interest offers which allowed me to take out cash for living expenses. I never considered the fact that I would not be able to pay them off before the high interest rates kicked in (me and hundreds of other people I’m, sure!)”

Are these reputable companies and is this a legitimate offer?

Capital Financial Group / Norton & Associates Law Group / Global Client Solutions LLC

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If not, can you recommend a reputable company that can help me stop the interest accumulation and pay off this debt at a discounted rate?

Is it realistic to think that I can stop the interest and pay off this debt at a discounted rate?


Dear Pamela,

The first issue that comes to mind is if it is even appropriate for you to even consider embarking on a debt repayment plan based on the fact you have no guaranteed income source at the moment.

If you had funds on hand to settle or had income coming in that left you sufficient income to accumulate quickly and settle, that would be one thing. But with the income prognosis and your husbands debt situation it seems much more logical for you to investigate a financial fresh start before an extended payment plan.

I’m going to give you some homework and then I want you to check back. Before you do anything I want you to click here to find a local bankruptcy attorney to talk to.

If you and your husband discharged your current debt, you stand a much better chance of moving forward in a much safer financial position.

You have a duty and responsibility to make sure you have financial protection in savings or an emergency fund and quite frankly, how would you do that and engage a settlement program at the same time you have no income or little expectation of income.

Pamela, I don’t know you, I’ve never met you, but I do care about you. And what I want to do is make sure your proceed with a solution that gives you the best chance of dealing with the debt and making sure the two of you are safer financially.

Meet with the local bankruptcy attorney and then report back.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.


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