Went to College and Can’t Get Ahead Financially. – Rjaj

“Dear Steve,

I went back to college made school loans and I am in debt more than when I started. Need help in my financial part of life. How do I go from living from paycheck to paycheck and start getting ahead. I dont know how people save money and invest and all that. I am at a complete loss.

My question is that even though I still owe money for my other student loans and I have not been making the full amount of the monthly payments, Can I apply for financial aid again so I can advance in my job?
Second question is that I started out with nothing financially and now I turned my life around went to school, quit bad habits, but even though I am working my job I went school for, I am still living paycheck to paycheck how do I get ahead financially?


Dear Rjaj,

Going back to school is both good and bad. The good part is that you get additional training and education. The bad part is there is no expectation that training will result in enough additional income to cover the student loans incurred.

Only you are in the best place to make the determination if taking on more student loans and payment is going to be the best solution. As far as your eligibility I’d suggest you talk the the financial aid department of the college.

Getting ahead financial is dependent on being able to live within your income and make sure your expenses are less than your income.

You might want to read Is College Worth It? The Value of College to get an idea of what your income potential is based on your field.

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