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Dubai Police Blacklisted My Friend Because of My Debt. – Nett

“Dear Steve,

My friend is in dubai court because of processing my police certificate

I am presently in Canada under a temporary visa and right now I will be applying for my permanent residence. So I sent my fingerprints to a friend in dubai to process my police certificate. I was able to get a PCC before I left dubai, but due to terrible reasons, I left dubai with credit card and loans debt. I was concerned not only because was able to know that I am in the wanted list in dubai, but also because when my friend tried to claim my PCC, they detained him and took his labor card. The poor guy is going to dubai court this week and he doesn’t know what to do. I also didn’t know that they have a law in uae that if a friend processes another person’s PCC , if blacklisted, then that friend who helps will be brought to a dubai court hearing. He did not do anyhting wrong in their laws, just to help process the PCC..because in the uae consulate here in canada, it says in their website that it is faster to process the PCC if you have a representative or some friend will pr ocess it. Now I begin to think why they advise that in their website..

Anyway, my concern right now is how my friend can surpass the dubai court interview. Do you have an idea also if dubai police will forward my fingerprint here in canada immigration that says I have a case there. Will my PR application be affected?

Whatever information you can give me will help. Thanks.. 🙁


Dear Nett,

Well it is not often that I’m stumped but I have to admit you got me on this one. If it was just you and your debt then being out of Dubai would not be a problem.

So if I read this right, your friend went in to get your police clearance certificate (PCC) for you and somehow they just decided since you were not there they’d grab your friend instead.

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I have no idea what they are going to do in court with your friend.

Do you have an arrest warrant in Dubai for you because of the bad debts?

New Zealand has a similar process but has a workaround if applicants there can’t get the PCC.

If you cannot get a police certificate, provide detailed information of your attempts to get one. If we are satisfied that police certificates are not available or it would be unduly difficult for you to get them (for example where the authorities of any such country will not generally provide such certificates), we may instead ask you to make and provide a separate statutory declaration in both English and your own language.

If a statutory declaration is required, it must detail your attempts to obtain a police certificate and state whether or not you, or any accompanying family members, have been found guilty or convicted of, or charged with offences against the law in that country. The statutory declaration should also be corroborated by other information attesting to your character.

You might want to talk to someone assisting you with your application in Canada and see if something similar is available in your situation so you could provide an explanation rather than the PCC.

Well you will need a police certificate if you are applying for permanent residency in Canada. – Source

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  • Hi Steve,
    Let me give you the background of my friend’s situation first. He is a Canadian PR and  has a mortage loan in UAE (which is fully secured by the underlying asset – a house). 

    Banks in uAE take posted dated or undated cheques from borrowers as security and the legal system in UAE treats bouncing of a cheque as a criminal offence.

     If he defaults on this in UAE and the  UAE Police files a red notice with interpol against him (making it a financial fraud case because of bouncing of cheques) – will he get into trouble in Canada? Will police in Canada pursue him? Will his PR status be in jeopardy? 

    Also, does Canada have extradition treaty with UAE?

    I highly appreciate your swift response.

    Warm regards,


    • that’s not true ,you just got stolen by your friend beleive me,there is
      no way he could have been arrested for asking a pcc ,and no way he could
      have been asked to pay a fine without getting a receipt specially in
      uae,uae police are very clean

  • that’s not true ,you just got stolen by your friend beleive me,there is no way he could have been arrested for asking a pcc ,and no way he could have been asked to pay a fine without getting a receipt specially in uae,uae police are very clean

  • my friend having criminal cases in dubai because his company send for vacation and now they dont want to come back , now he is still in india, shall he can go to any GCC Countries??? wheather the case will effect while entering any GCC Countries airport, shall he can apply for any work permits ??? because his dubai visa already expired.. plz need ur valuable advice 

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