Sallie Mae Wants to Garnish My Wages – Brandon

“Dear Steve,

I owe sallie mae $103,500.00 and have paid them $3600.00 for 3 years on the interest but the loan still stands at the same amount. I have a private and a federal loan both equalling to the above amount. I’ve ran into the same problems as everybody on this site that deals with sallie mae which is they just put you in forberance.

It seems there is no help for loans anywhere and that to me is sad being everybody else can be helped but striving young people who only want to better themselves. I went to school for animation but can’t get a job due to tech issues with finding programs that are $6000 themselves.

So I’ve been getting them bootleg and it’s sometimes hard to come by. Also my computer took a crash so now I need a new one but can’t afford due to other hardships. I work a dead end job but still am able to get by but the loans still stand at the same amount…

My question is would it be better for me to just let sallie mae garnish my wages? If I can’t pay what they want which is $1100 every month then should I let a judge tell them what amount they can charge me based on my income and expenses?


Dear Brandon,

Unfortunately when it comes to Sallie Mae there are no great options. Faced with a minimum payment of $1,100 or getting your wages garnished, the garnishment will most likely be much smaller. It’s not a perfect solution but at least it is a mandated payment based on disposable income. The formula for calculating the garnishment will be based on the rules of the state you live in.

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