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Debt Collectors Want Some Respect

Debt collectors are tired of being treated poorly. The constant epithets, name calling, profanity receiver are calling out for some compassion in a New York Times article recently.

Mark Neeb, the association’s incoming president, says that most debt collectors are the “salt of the earth” and are tired of being defined by the worst members of their profession. And it is they who are feeling harassed.

“There really ought to be a law on how consumers behave towards debt collectors,” said Mr. Neeb, whose employees routinely use aliases on the phone to protect their identity from hostile debtors.

Sure, lawsuits against debt collectors are way up, and sure, millions of Americans are struggling with problem debt and getting called by collectors but they apparently just don’t want you to take that out on them.

Soon the activities of debt collection companies will fall under the new government agency, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Certainly not a prospect that debt collectors want.

I would have to agree, that sometimes debt collectors do get an unfair share of abuse but it’s not aim at the debt collector as a person but at the debt collector performing a job.

While I’d love to say let’s all hug a debt collector, I really would, until the frequent bad actor debt collectors stop abusing consumers, we’ll just have to leave the relationship between debtor and collector as it is.

But at least we can be nice to the debt debt collector who is nice to us. That we can start with today and let me know how that works for you.

You can read the full New York Times story here.


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