I Am Now Widowed and Left With Credit Card Debt I Can’t Afford on Social Security. – Lula

“Dear Steve,

I am a widow, as of Nov 14,2009. I now reside in Missouri. I was left with credit card debt totaling apx. $10,000. I have been trying to keep up the monthly payments but it is getting impossible to do so. I am having to do without meds and groceries. At some point I may have to stop paying on these debts. Three of the debts are to Capitol one, Citi Bank, and PayPal.

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If I stop paying what will happen? Social Security check of $1057 a month is my only income. My only asset is a 2001 Ford Escape auto. I have heard they will take me to court, then attach my bank account and it takes months to get the bank account unfrozen. In the meantime I would not be able to pay my rent and etc. I am so scared. What can I do.

What can I do about the credit card bills I owe and only have SS check as income. Can’t afford for court to freeze/attach my bank account. I would be homeless if they do.


Dear Lula,

First off, before I can really answer your question, is the debt in your name alone or was it a joint debt with your partner? It makes a big difference.

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