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Lloyd Ward & Associates – UFAN – New Player in Deceptive Form 1012-R Mailer

Update October 13, 2011 – Lloyd Ward & Associates and Lloyd Ward denies they are or were involved in UFAN or the mailer that was sent out.

Over the years attorney Lloyd Ward has made an appearance in a number of my stories, click here. And I did notice that a while ago he had wandered into the mass joinder marketing arena and away from debt settlement to the degree he had been.

Since the mass joinder “scam” hit my radar I’ve been requesting readers to submit Form 1012 mailer examples at the request of the California Bar, click here.

Up till now the mailers have been from the usual cast of players but that’s to a helpful reader a new one arrived in my email and also sent to the California Bar.

The problem with the Form 1012 mailer is that it is an attempt to deceive and fool recipients that it is an official or government mailer which can frighten someone into thinking they have been sued. When in fact this mailer is actually a sales piece to sell legal services, although that’s not properly disclosed.

Then once we get inside the mailer it appears that the person is a plaintiff in a lawsuit against their lender and is eligible for the following benefits for joining:

  • Interest Rate Reduction
  • Forgiveness of Past Due Payments
  • Principle Balance Reduction
  • Stop Foreclosure
  • Monetary Damages

All of that sounds wonderful but what I’m seeing in the mass joinder marketing arena are consumers that are being promised all sorts of benefits they have not received any to date and being asked to pay thousands of dollars to join a mass joinder lawsuit. There is no mass joinder lawsuit I am aware of that has resulted in the awards promised.

The bulk of the money from this is going to be made by the marketing agents who receive very generous commissions, which I’ve previously documented.

So let’s look at this mailer a bit closer.

The Outside

Let’s evaluate the outside and back of this mailer. Actually the back of the sealed mailer that is folded over. It bears the same stamped number that other Form 1012-R mailers have from other marketers. 2915217.

The message on the back, which is hard to read, contains a very important message, “We Do Not Guarantee a Successful Outcome.

The full message says:

*Information was obtained through public record sources; UFAN is not sponsored or affiliated with above mentioned lender. Pre-selection criteria and audit of home loan consist of loan amount, loan to value, percentages, date of loan, and residential jurisdiction. Eligibility status for representation is based on numerous criteria, including but not limited to lender participation in loss mitigation negotiation, LTV restrictions, loan amount, verifiable client hardship, bankruptcy law payments, principal reduction, lower monthly payments and debt forgiveness are potential Settlements but will vary case to case. We do not guarantee a successful outcome. This advertisement does not containing or constitute legal advice. UFAN 12655 North Central Expressway, Suite 1000, Dallas, TX 72543

So here is the interesting thing about the mysterious UFAN. If you do a Google search for this company that wants to represent you, here is all you get for who they really are, NOTHING!

So how did I connect this mailer to Lloyd Ward & Associates, the addresses match.

The disclaimer message makes a statement that sounds much like a mass joinder approach by another player, the pre-litigation audit, read this previous article.

Now to the front of the mailer.

You will notice the return address on the mailer is very cryptic and says it is for “Official Business.” What’s official about an advertising mailer?

It says Legal Notice – Multi Party Lawsuit which could easily frighten anyone that gets this. And then it contains the same disclaimer on the bottom used by other similar mailers. In my opinion the entire front of this mailer is deceptive, misleading and grossly unfair to consumers.

The Inside

The charade this is an official government form continues on the inside with the design. The 2011 and layout suggest this is a regulatory or government notification.

The mailer says it is a final notice and requires an immediate response. Consumers who have received such mailers before say they have not received a prior notice. It’s just a trick to get people to call.

In the blocks at the top it labels the person receiving this as the plaintiff and says they are being notified of a litigation that is for a principal balance reduction. The purpose of this mailer is to trick the consumer to call in so they can get the sales pitch from the marketing representatives.

The number listed is 866-345-9240.

The inside of the mailer also provides no disclosure that this is a mailer for legal services in accordance with Bar instructions.

Much of the information in the inside I covered earlier in this article.

How You Can Help

If you have received a similar mailer from UFAN and have heard the sales pitch, please post a comment below. I’m very interested in the service and price you were pitched.


You are not alone. I'm here to help. There is no need to suffer in silence. We can get through this. Tomorrow can be better than today. Don't give up.

Additional UFAN 1012-R Mailers

Note the confirmation number and property area number are the same for this and other mailers.

Note same external serial number. It’s a fake.

UFAN Mailer to Florida against Countrywide

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Steve Rhode is the Get Out of Debt Guy and has been helping good people with bad debt problems since 1994. You can learn more about Steve, here.


  • I sign up to get info through UFAN web site. What I got was and endless string of solicitations phone call from all these scam artist attorney that claim they can help. Starting as low as $5K and up. They kept selling my info over and over and over. I finally had to disconnect my number to end the harassment. They are the scum of the earth looking to pry on the misfortune for the sake of making a fast buck !! I will never sign up for such BS again !

    • So complain to the California State Bar about the attorney, Krista Crone (or something like that) who owns UFAN.  (she gives her name on the website).  If she caused you to disconnect the phone you have a valid complaint.

      I don’t get why people complain about her and her company on this website but don’t take 20 minutes to file a State Bar complaint.  I think her and UFAN may be near the tipping point with the California State Bar anyway, so maybe you can be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

      One interesting note to UFAN.  All of you who paid UFAN to handle some legal matter for you, note that hear in Southern California UFAN primarily uses “contract attorneys” to make court appearances on “UFAN” matters.  That means the attorney appearing at the court hearings in “your” case has no connection to UFAN, has never spoken to you, the client, probably does not have access to the file in your case and may have no idea what the case is about.  UFAN hires what I call “attorney brokers” to find self employed attorneys who are willing to appear in court for $50.  UFAN probably pays the broker about $100 and the broker runs ads on craigslist and in legal newspapers to find out of work attorneys who need the money for a quick court appearance.  

      In Los Angeles County, you can go on the Los Angeles County Superior Court website, look under “case summaries”, put in your case number and see who is really appearing at the hearings.  Probably will be some attorney you never heard of.

  • I got many emails and calls from these people.  The final out come is I need to hire a lawyer!  but they could not help.  why bother me if they can’t help.  waste my time and energy to tell me what I know BOA messed up and they will continue to cause me harm because they are above the law.  UFAN does nothing to help.

  • On behalf of UFAN Legal Group, PC, I would first like to extend my appologies to anyone who received these mailers.  Neither of the above posted mailers came from UFAN.  This is not approved marketing material (in fact no marketing should be sent outside of the state of California on behalf of UFAN), and Lloyd Ward & Associates is not now, nor have they ever been working with UFAN.  I do not know why that company would send out a mailer with the UFAN name on it.  This issue was just brought to my attention and I immediately sent out a cease & desist order to all parties I could find who were involved. 

    If anyone has been injured by this mailer in anyway, please contact the UFAN office directly at 877-791-2247 or 916-794-0944.  You can ask for me, Kristin Crone.  I am the owner and managing attorney.  Please reference this message when you call so my secretary will be sure to put your call through to me.  You can also reach me directly by email at [email protected].  If you have any questions as to the validity of who I am, please look us up with the California Secretary of State at  You can also find me on the California State Bar website at

    • Do you offer any explanation for WHY these mailers are everywhere, why Lloyd would be claiming to represent UFAN? or should it just remain a mystery?

      • I would love to explain it, but like I stated this issue was just brought to my attention.  None of the numbers on the mailers are working, and I’m trying to investigate the situation myself.  So far, it seems from my conversations with Lloyd Wards office that they didn’t have anything to do with the mailer either. 

        I posted my contact info so that all of you could help me try to track down the parties responsible.

  • UFAN now has a website up which you can find by typing United Foreclosue Attorney Network, it states a number of cases that it has filed this year in 2011.  It tells you to click on the cases to see the complaints filed but when you try to click it doesn’t work.  It states the site is still being updated.  Has anyone looked into these cases that they are citing to see if they are legit? 

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