All Debt Relief – Reader Express Concern and Rightfully So

A reader contacted me to express concern about All Debt Relief.

This company chargers fees on credit card in advance and even the settlement funds that will be paid down the road on a credit card and than enrolls that credit card. this may be the worst company ever.

I reached out to the company through the email address provided, [email protected], and asked for a comment. It has been over a day since I sent the message and still no word back except an autoreply from Joshua Pryor that said, “We have recieved your message and your agent will contact you shortly.”

Since I did not get a reply, and wanting to clear this off my to-do list I took a look around and what I found was very odd.

The All Debt Relief website at looks like a standard low rate debt relief website but the keywords to the site are listed as:

description=”Architects & Design Engineers

keywords=”Residential, multi-family housing, house, institutional, spiritual and community buildings, commercial architectural design services, custom, homes, architect, architecture, craftsman, house, affordable, housing, accessible, remodeling, restaurant, design, patterns, of home, pattern, construction, firm, apartments.

WTF, what does that have to do with debt relief. Now the drafting table on the site makes more sense. Whoever is behind this seems to have simply reallocated a website designed for an architect and made it into a debt relief site.

According to public records, All Debt Relief, LLC is located at 6650 E Red Hawk, St, Mesa, AZ 85215 and the member of the LLC is Joshua Pryor. The company was formed 7-13-2010.

But That’s Not All

It would be great if the story ended there but this is the world of debt relief and you know there has to be more.

From the looks of it Pryor was a wannabe in the world of debt relief. He obviously setup this low rent website to sucker in people that wanted to get out of debt but there was another side to him as well.

His Arrest

An arrest warrant has been issued for a former Utah County man who has been charged with 12 felonies for allegedly taking at least $200,000 from victims after touting himself as a wealthy debt collector.

Judge John Paul Kennedy set bail at $100,000 for Joshua Thomas Pryor after 12 criminal charges of communications fraud and one count of conducting a pattern of unlawful activity were filed in 3rd District Court in West Jordan.

Pryor had been a Saratoga Springs resident but lives in Mesa, Ariz., according to court documents. Charging documents list six victims who lost a total of $201,000 to Pryor.

“Pryor claimed to get a discounted rate for his purchases due to the large volume of debt purchased,” Rex R. Ashdown Jr., an investigator for the Attorney General’s Office, said in an affidavit accompanying the charges. “Pryor offered assistance for contacts to break into the business by purchasing a portfolio of bad debt through his broker, in his name, on behalf of the contacts, thereby enabling them to take advantage of his reduced rate.”

Pryor, according to the affidavit, said he purchased credit card debt at as low as 10 percent of its value then made collections well over the price he paid. He offered to sell debts to his victims, which supposedly would allow them to make large returns. He also offered to get several victims’ personal credit card debt erased for only 10 percent of what they owed, court records show.

Pryor apparently had worked for a debt collection agency, making collection calls in 2005 and 2006, but had never owned a company.

After passing himself off as a retired millionaire to golf partners and others, documents allege, Pryor sold his victims preview copies of debt from a company that buys and resells bad debt. But Pryor never delivered complete portfolios with information needed to collect. – Source

So to the tipster (send in your tips here) that sent in the concern about All Debt Relief, hopefully now we’ve been able to turn that into a warning to stay away from it.


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