My Husband Was Unemployed. We Fell Behind on Our Bills. Should We Try CredAbility.org? – Andrea

“Dear Damon,

My husband was unemployed for a year and a half and we fell behind with our bills. If we could deal with the credit card bills, we could get back on our feet. Right now, we’re behind because my husband is woring in anouther state and we have to pay for housing there as well as our personal home.

Should we try a debt consolidation program? If so, is Credability.org our best bet for assistance?


Hello Andrea,

Whether or not a debt management plan is a good idea for you to enter into is not something I can answer with the limited information you have given me on your situation. I assume that you have received a quote from them with a monthly payment and an idea about what they would bring your interest rates down to. If you feel very confident that you can afford that new payment every month without fail, then it probably isn’t a bad thing if it does dramatically lower your interest rates.

My biggest concern is that your husband was unemployed for a year and a half and my guess is you are now working with a zero cushion. It may be that we need to take a look at your overall financial situation and review much more than just your credit cards. You are likely in a position where putting money into an emergency fund is going to be more important than strapping yourself every month to try and make a payment to your credit cards.

I would recommend you schedule a telephone consultation with me before making a final decision. We can talk about several things that you likely haven’t fully considered and together we can determine what the best approach would be for your family to move forward with. Often times, consumers are so concerned with making sure that every bill is paid that they leave themselves wide open for financial disaster.

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