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The following information appears only because this entity has hit my radar and has raised a concern and I do not want to lose this information. I’m keeping it handy in case issues appear in the future.

Steve Notes

The following script is used to SELL consumers into a mass joinder lawsuit against their lenders. Note how the consumer is a prospect and the goal is to sell.

The Pitch

Sales script to sell mass joinder cases.

Mass Joinder Video Intro Script

Litigation Support Rep: Good Afternoon _____________, I understand that you’ve had some difficulties working with your lender…tell me more about your situation?

Listen, take notes (Fill-in Case Eligibility Worksheet) and say the following:

1. I understand your concerns and we look forward to helping you get through this.
2. Our attorneys have helped many people that have experienced similar problems.
3. I appreciate you sharing as I’m sure it’s been a difficult time for you and your family.
4. I’m glad you called as we look forward to helping you get through this rough period.

Once your prospect has told their story say:

Litigation Support Rep: “Now that I’ve got a better understanding of your situation, can I ask you a few more questions to determine your case eligibility?”

Litigation Support Rep: “Great!” (Now begin asking the questions to complete the missing information on your Case Eligibility Worksheet)


Step 1 – Complete the Case Eligibility Questionnaire (take complete detailed notes)
Step 2 – Run MERS Report while on the phone or with prospect in person.
Step 3 – If Lender/ Servicer/ Investor is a “Big 9” bank continue Mass Joinder script below:

Litigation Support Rep: “I’ve taken the liberty to further assess your case profile and based on the attorneys litigation guidelines it appears that you may have a legal case against (Lender name). Are you interested in learning more about your legal standing against (Lender name) and the potential to pursue them for damages, principle balance reduction and lower payments on your mortgage?

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Litigation Support Rep: “Great, I’d like to forward you a 20 minute video that completely explains your rights and the potential outcomes that may be available to you. Should you decide to pursue litigation against (Lender name) the attorney retainer fee to join the (Lender name) case is a flat $5,000 which includes:

Note: Slow down and emphasize each benefit when going through the following list.

· All pre-litigation work and case discovery to further determine cause of action
· Filing of your initial complaint against (Lender name) and all additional motions, etc.
· All court costs and subsequent legal fees for the entire life of your case file
· Attorney attendance during all hearings throughout the litigation process
· All pre-trial and trial negotiations for judgment or settlement of your claim

When can you watch a short 15 minute video which will outline your potential case outcomes?”

Litigation Support Rep: “Great…let’s set up a follow up appointment now to get all of your questions answered after you‘ve watched our exclusive litigation video presentation?”
1. Set Follow Up Appointment!
2. Send Appropriate Client Intro Email (UFAN or Ford & Huff)!
3. Follow Up, Answer Questions and Complete the Engagement Packet! – Source



If you have had any experience with this program, please post your comments and feedback in the comments below.

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