I Took Out a Student Loan for My Stepson. Stepson and Ex-Husband Refuse to Pay It. – Heather

“Dear Steve,

Married 7/1998
Divorced 1/2006

Agreed to take out a Parent’s Plus loan for my step son at my ex-husband’s pleading and against my better judgment in 6/2004 with the understanding step son would repay and ex husband’s assurance he would pay if step son didn’t. $12,000, $5,000 has been repaid by step son. Both step son and ex-husband aren’t paying.
I am an idiot.

Do I have any legal recourse or ways to pressure them to pay this besides appealing to their sense of fairness, which is not working.


Dear Heather,

If you had something that showed they promised to repay it then you could sue them and attempt to get them to pay you. Unfortunately that does not eliminate your obligation to pay the loan with the lender.

When you took out the loan you entered into an agreement with the government to repay the loan. I’m afraid you just got a graduate degree in why you should never guarantee or co-sign for another person.

I wish I had better news for you.

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