Can Sallie Mae Garnish My Social Security? – Pam

“Dear Steve,

I have no taxable income I receive VA compensation for being 100% disabled and Social Security can these benefits be garnished for the debt, and if so once my benefits are garnished am i stuck paying forever and this kid gets away scott free? Do I have any options, like suing him or his parents in civil court?


Dear Pam,

Ironically I just had a similar question from Heather. See I Took Out a Student Loan for My Stepson. Stepson and Ex-Husband Refuse to Pay It. – Heather.

Well the good news is that since this is not a government loan Sallie Mae can’t garnish your Social Security.

You can certainly file suit to attempt to recover payments that were promised to you by the other party if you have some sort of proof they agreed to pay. Please talk to a local attorney about your situation and suing.

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