I’m Still Dealing With the Hess-Kennedy Mess. When Did You Interview Daniel Stermer? – David

“Dear Steve,

Not much to say except I got caught up in the Hess Kennedy crap. I have 2 legals & another coming up soon. BUT I have a man at the Binghamton AG’s field office that will help me. He
did not like AG Cuomo. My question is this…..

what was the date that you interviewed stinking Dan Stermer? It’s import to me. I want to use your interview with Stermer in my defense time line with 53 items for backup to my situation.

Forster/Garbus atty’s filed both suits in Broome Co. BUT I live 3.9 miles into the next county. I do
not think that the judgments are enforceable. It has been a ride. I signed up with a CA outfit 2 days before FL. AG McCollum filed his Laura Hess

suit! Great timing, huh? I signed up with Consumer Protection Law enter …. which is not mentioned in any of the suits.

I believe that Stermer was the leader with Hess getting this setup opened. With contacts all over the US & overseas, I think this whole business is a Mafia business. If you should happen to know anything about this aspect, please let me know.

I live only 7 miles from Binghamton Univ. where Stermer got his BA. I’ve tried get more backgound on him BUT I can’t afford to pay these web sites. I am 70 yrs. & my wife Mary will be 66 this Saturday.


Dear David,

I interviewed Daniel Stermer on August 19, 2009.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.


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