How Do I Get Old Stuff Taken Off My Credit Report? – James

“Dear Steve,

Was married………let’s say not anymore. I was awarded the debt. I thought that was bull, so I didn’t pay it. I was young and hard-headed. I want to get this right, but some of this stuff on my credit report is over 7yrs ago.

How do I get in contact w/ the lenders to correct this issue by paying my debt, if the company is no more or not enough information in order to contact them? I just want to get this stuff off my report and move on.


Dear James,

Negative items should automatically come off your credit report no later than 7.5 years since they were first reported negatively. Typically they are removed after 7 years.

The first step would be to get a copy of your consolidated credit report and look for these old items on all three credit reports.

Contact information for each creditor listing information will be available on your credit report from each credit bureau.

I prefer this consolidated credit report format and use it personally when I check my report.

You might find the issue is not only some negative items lingering but that you really have not done much to build your credit up by using credit responsibly. Think about it like this. If you want to bring up a C grade point average you need to do better on the next items you are graded on.

If nothing new is reporting to the credit bureaus about you them your credit score will linger in the toilet.

When you pull a copy of your credit report, order your credit score at the same time. Once you get that information in hand then come back here and update me in the comments below with what you find.


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