Is DealsGoRound Legal? The Re-Selling Of Daily Deal Vouchers

An innovative and novel website is rising into the spotlight of daily deal sites. A site by the name of DealsGoRound which originally started in March of 2010 introduces a new market place for daily deals: buying, selling and posting wanted ads for past daily deals.

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After joining this website you can import your Groupon, LivingSocial, YouSwoop, BuyWithMe and Eversave deals. The Groupon deals import easily but I found with LivingSocial deals that if you have made an account off of your Facebook account with “Facebook Connect” that there is no way to link your deals with this site.

Rational economics tells us that users should sell their vouchers for the price paid, but I could easily foresee an auction-like style hitting these websites and have seen a slight increase in prices thus far by post-ees.

The idea is fresh and useful for those that have ever bought a daily deal and then regretted the purchase (like my “X-treme Paintball Adventure” ::sigh::) or were unable to use it. I have found one major flaw though in this site. Both terms and conditions with LivingSocial and Groupon prohibit the sale of deals and vouchers unless required or in compliance with state law.

See below for screenshots of both LivingSocial‘s and Groupon‘s terms and conditions.

LivingSocial Terms
Groupon Terms

I have contacted LivingSocial, Groupon and DealsGoRound to find some clarity on the matter of a secondary market on daily deal vouchers. I received no contact from Groupon or DealsGoRound and LivingSocial regretfully had “to pass on participating” at this time.

After doing some research it all seemed a little fishy and grey in legality. I’m still searching for detailed information but the fact that LivingSocial was not able to provide any light on the situation gave me an uneasy feeling.

Until the legality of this site is defined, I cannot endorse the use of it to our readers. Not only are people using re-sale sites for their daily deal vouchers but sales have already spread to Craigslist too. Where are the legal boundaries? No, really, would somebody please let me know…

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