County Filing Services Says They Have a Summons for Me. – Jo

“Dear Steve,

Old debt with Washington Mutual (Now Chase Bank) somebody is contact some friends and relatives saying that I have a legal summons and they want me to contact them for more info. When they called my friends thay saying that are calling from my county court. False, I called the toll free number and it is not the county court, they are called County Filing Services. They are very rude when you call and make feel threaten. When I called the agent told me if I wanted to take care of the debt right that moment.. it sounded weird so I hanged up.

If I have a legal summons against me don’t I suppose to get a letter from the court?

If is a legal summons, Why did they ask me to take care of the debt when I called?

I’m clueless… who are these people? are they legit? when can I do?


Dear Jo,

Thank you so much for contacting me.

I took a look into County Filing Services. says their website is countyfiling.net.

This website was registered on May 22, 2011.

The ownership of the domain name is hidden but the name server for this domain is controlled by Debttechsolutions.com.

County Filing Services
1240 E. Ontario Avenue,
Suite 102-271,
Corona, CA 92881 – Source
This address is a mail drop.
(888) 416-8110

So if that’s the same company then I’m not yet convinced about them yet.

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The State of California says County Filing Services, Inc. was incorporated on April 8, 2011 and lists the business location as: 1325 SPRUCE ST #300, RIVERSIDE CA 92507 but that’s the law office of Lobb & Cliff. Registered agent is Samuel G Lockhart. – Source. Lockhart is a lawyer with Lobb & Cliff. – Source

From the reports of people receiving similar calls from (888) 416-8110 it looks like this is a relatively new operation. – Source

I called the office at (888) 416-8110 and spoke to a gentleman who identified himself as Cliff Branch. Mr. Branch says they are not a collection agency. Branch said, “We are a filing agency and probably the person that got contacted was contacted by a process server that we hire to serve them their paperwork.”

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There is a big difference between a company claiming to be a filing agency and one that demands money over the phone. I asked and Mr. Branch said they were not a collection agency.

At this point I would call the county you live in and ask them to lookup if their was a lawsuit filed against you to confirm if a summons had been issued. If not, which I suspect there has not been, there is more to this story that remains to be uncovered.

Let me know what you find out by updating me in the comments section below.

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