County Filing Services Says They Have a Summons for Me. – Jo

“Dear Steve,

Old debt with Washington Mutual (Now Chase Bank) somebody is contact some friends and relatives saying that I have a legal summons and they want me to contact them for more info. When they called my friends thay saying that are calling from my county court. False, I called the toll free number and it is not the county court, they are called County Filing Services. They are very rude when you call and make feel threaten. When I called the agent told me if I wanted to take care of the debt right that moment.. it sounded weird so I hanged up.

If I have a legal summons against me don’t I suppose to get a letter from the court?

If is a legal summons, Why did they ask me to take care of the debt when I called?

I’m clueless… who are these people? are they legit? when can I do?


Dear Jo,

Thank you so much for contacting me.

I took a look into County Filing Services. says their website is

This website was registered on May 22, 2011.

The ownership of the domain name is hidden but the name server for this domain is controlled by

County Filing Services
1240 E. Ontario Avenue,
Suite 102-271,
Corona, CA 92881 – Source
This address is a mail drop.
(888) 416-8110

So if that’s the same company then I’m not yet convinced about them yet.

The State of California says County Filing Services, Inc. was incorporated on April 8, 2011 and lists the business location as: 1325 SPRUCE ST #300, RIVERSIDE CA 92507 but that’s the law office of Lobb & Cliff. Registered agent is Samuel G Lockhart. – Source. Lockhart is a lawyer with Lobb & Cliff. – Source

From the reports of people receiving similar calls from (888) 416-8110 it looks like this is a relatively new operation. – Source

I called the office at (888) 416-8110 and spoke to a gentleman who identified himself as Cliff Branch. Mr. Branch says they are not a collection agency. Branch said, “We are a filing agency and probably the person that got contacted was contacted by a process server that we hire to serve them their paperwork.”

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There is a big difference between a company claiming to be a filing agency and one that demands money over the phone. I asked and Mr. Branch said they were not a collection agency.

At this point I would call the county you live in and ask them to lookup if their was a lawsuit filed against you to confirm if a summons had been issued. If not, which I suspect there has not been, there is more to this story that remains to be uncovered.

Let me know what you find out by updating me in the comments section below.


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37 thoughts on “County Filing Services Says They Have a Summons for Me. – Jo”

  1. This company which unlawfully operates under SEVERAL names (in my experience they claimed to be County Filing Services first, then BMG) claimed to be a litigation agency and that I was being sued, there was a warrant for my arrest, and a search warrant for my home was going to be issued. 

    It is a scam, they look up your credit report and claim to be collecting a debt from anything that appears. They have been investigated by the FTC, but apparently are still at it. Their employees are very dumb and claim to be paralegals but when I asked them if they knew what the FTC was they responded “Fair Trade Commission”, also when I told them that the debt that they were claiming they were suing and arresting me for was in 8/2007 and the statute of limitations had passed they first disagreed then just said they were done with me. When they began to realize I was on to them, the “paralegal” pretended to be speaking to someone else saying,”Yeah, that’s what she wants to do. Yeah, just go ahead and continue with the lawsuit.” LOL. Is that supposed to scare me? When I told them I knew what and who they were, that they had violated several FDCPA rules, and that I was contacting the appropriate authorities, they took the phone off the hook. Now when I call ALL of their numbers I just get a busy signal. I am not letting this go. I have contacted the FTC, the California attorney general, and the FBI.

  2. Also, this morning, So check n go said they sold my debt to united debt holdings. I tried calling them, but they take 2 business days to get back to you. I called the place that said they were sueing me, and they now claim that USC doesn’t stand for anything. And they said they are directly representing Check n go. I said, well that’s funny, because Check n go said they sold my debt to United debt holdings. Then, kinda panicked, he said well yes, they are our sister company. Then I asked if there was a website I could go to, and he said, well our website is down until December 5th.

  3. Hello, I’ve had a similar thing happen to me. Actually just got a call today. I was told that I am going to be summoned to court unless I can pay this company by Friday. They said their company name was USC united service credit. The phone number they called from was blocked, but they said if I need to reach them call 1 (877) 240-0526 I tried looking up the company, and the number, and no results 🙁 I’m scared and I have no money! Are they real? Do you know anything about them?

  4. I am reciving the same type of calls i live in Compton and they called my friend in Las vegas claim they want to serve me a summons..they went as far as call my x boyfriends wife telling her they got her name and number  becasue i had put her as a refrence. They also called me this morning at my wrok place lying that they had talked to my sister that they want to serve me(They have not spoken to my sister) the lady claimed to be an officer of the court but wouldnt tell me what court or who was tryin to sue me or serve me..She asked if she can come to my work place i said no and not to call either she was trying to give me a case # and a ph number but i hung up. She called back and spoke to my Hr manager and they told him if they can come serve me and he said no that this was my place of employment but they gave him a case # and ph # to give to me 909-212-5589. I find this whole thing to be some shady tactics and i dont think its legal. Would like your opinion..thanks Cindy

  5. WOW, you guys are insane I can’t believe you have nothing better to do with your time. Unfortunatley I would like to thank “STEVE” after I researched and came across his bogus website I took all the advice and just let it go. Well guess who got taken to court. I did. I think Steve you should probably consume your time with something more effective like getting homeless off the street instead of giving bogus information and people believing you then ending up homeless because of this. Again, thanks alot. YOU ARE GREAT 


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