I Settled My Home Depot Card But Now They Say They Never Agreed. – Chelsea

“Dear Damon,

I had a Home Depot card that was $30,000 that I settled for $15,000 two years ago. I never got a paper saying that it was settled. I called and talked to them about it and they said that it was because there was a returned check so it wasn’t settled. The day that they put the check through there was a problem with the bank and it was returned. When it happened I talked to the debt collector manager and had the bank manager talk to her and it was resolved. The were paid the money and they said that it would be alright.

They’re killing my credit and coming after me for the rest of the debt, even though they said they would settle. What can I do at this point?


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Dear Chelsea,

There is nothing you can do if you did not get the offer in writing and then also can show that the check was withdrawn or cashed on your account.

Even if you can show they cashed the check, without the settlement agreement they can claim that you simply made a payment and continue to collect the balance plus interest.

The only thing you can do to put a stop to this if it is still within the statute of limitations (which likely reset when you made the settlement (payment) is offer a new settlement. Or just let it go and hope that it goes beyond the statute of limitations and then you can try and dispute it from your credit report.

Other than that, without proof of a settlement, they can still claim you owe the money.

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