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I’m on Disability and Need a Loan to Pay Off Some Old Debt. – Elizabeth

“Dear Steve,

I am recently divorced. also, disabled 100%. I receive ssd. I have some debts that were left to me that i found on my credit report. some utility , medical, that my ex was responsible for however got left to me. I am trying to get a loan to pay these off. I can afford a monthly payment but cannot come up with all at once. I do not have any loans outstanding except for ones I have co-signed for my children. If I could get enough money to get these things off of my credit report, my fico score would be much higher and that is my goal. to improve my credit worthiness.

Are there any companies out there that I could get to work with me to borrow a small loan to clean up my credit report that wouldn’t kill me in interest? I would need about 3500.00 dollars.


Dear Elizabeth,

The honest answer is if you have a poor credit score there is no legitimate lender out there. There are lenders that claim they can help but they’ve all proven to be scams and ripped people off.

Your situation sounds like you just need to focus on dealing with the old debts and rebuilding your credit at the same time. If you follow this credit rebuilding process it will do the trick.

While you are rebuilding your credit just focus on identifying the old debts and pay them off as you can each month.

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You are not alone. I'm here to help. There is no need to suffer in silence. We can get through this. Tomorrow can be better than today. Don't give up.

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  • federal student loans you could have just filed bankruptcy, have no income, be delinquent on ten credit cards, and as long as you meet the student loan criteria (real degree plan, 6 units of classes or more, academic progress 2.0GPA or higher) you will be qualified to get federal student loans. Some federal loans will not charge you interest ever. Be working towards a degree and federal loans could be a solution for you. If you say you dont have time for school, especially if you have never been to school you should look into it. 6 units is manageable for any type of lifestyle no matter how busy you are.

  • Go to local community college. Pick a career plan. Enroll in 6 units of classes.
    Apply for stafford subsidized loan. 1st year you will be give loan amount $3500. subsidized loans will have no interest. Since you are on disability, you wont have to pay for tuition at your community college.
    If you have already gone to school and graduated, well it might be a little bit more challenging to get a loan, but still possible. Student loan might be the only way for you to get a loan. And of course you have to do the class work. 6 units is manageable if you aren’t working, plus you will get out of the house might even make a new friend at college.
    Good luck.

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