Will HSBC Honor the Settlement They Agreed To? – Juliana

“Dear Steve,

Hi, I have two HSBC credit cards and total balance of both cards about USD3600. I was a student back then, and now, I left USA for good to return to my hometown. However, I dont have a permanent job and my salary is about usd600 monthly. I couldnt pay my credit cards and have been 8 months since I made the last payment.

Last week I called HSBC recovery department and explained them my current financial situation and they offered me a settlement program, of which I paid:

a) about USD800 for my 1st credit card. (USD266 monthly for 3months). HSBC will send a formal letter and I will receive it in the week of July 24th, 2011.

b) about usd700 for my 2nd credit card. (have to pay lump sum)

and I agree for the settlement and will pay by End of July 2011.

I agree to

However, I googled online, and found several people have upset situations with HSBC. even though they paid the settlement amount, HSBC keeps on harrassing and still ask for payment the next month.

I am so worried upon reading all the comments. Therefore, I would like to ask for advice. What kind of documents should I ask HSBC in order to protect me against any bad circumstances later on? What do usually appear on credit card statement after I paid the required settlement amount?

I really hope that you could help me with these questions.

thank you


Dear Juliana,

People report that HSBC is not honoring the settlement agreements they make without proof they made them. What I’m hearing is they are saying they have changed their mind either just before or after the last payment.

This can all be addressed now. It sounds like you and HSBC came to an understanding on how this would be dealt with. As them to put the offer in writing now, before you make any more payments. If they won’t then I think that gives you a clue what their intention is.

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On the credit report the part you agreed to pay will show as paid. The part you settled will appear as an uncollectible bad debt and written off.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.


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Steve Rhode

2 thoughts on “Will HSBC Honor the Settlement They Agreed To? – Juliana”

  1. Hi Steve,

    I’m Juliana. Called HSBC just now, and I paid lump sum for my 2nd card. They gave me 50% discount from the total balance. they are very helpful. and they said after the settlement, the account will be written as PAID and HSBC will no longer ask for more money / nor will take the lawsuits againts me / and I definitely wont be arrested as mentioned by other people. They will send a formal letter saying that I paid the credit card via settlement and my credit card account will be closed. 

    I asked about credit score, however, they say they dont know what will appear on my credit score… =(

    I feel so relieved and burden-free.. will settle my first credit card with HSBC end of this week. And will keep on updating regarding the status of my settlement.

    thanks for your encouragement.

    For those out there who would like to proceed with HSBC settlement, please call 1.716.841.7212 and mentioned to speak with HSBC recovery department. and then, you might have to wait 
    for about 30 minutes to be able to speak to the right person. I mentioned my problems and they offer me the 
    settlement program. However, I dont negotiate regarding the amount that they mentioned. Maybe that’s why 
    they dont go hard on me… Well, I dont know.

    Good luck guys… 🙂 please dont worry too much. I have been there before… and I understand exactly how 
    you feel.


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