I’m Addicted to Gambling and Casinos. I Also Have an Abusive Husband. – Sherry

“Dear Steve,

I discovered casinos while I was doing sales in Wa. It was a great stress relief. With an abusive husband, and no one to talk to, I liked to get away. I didnt really talk to anyone, just enjoyed the thrill of gambling. I win alot..Not a lot of money, but I win. Love the Bonuses..My friend tell me I live for Bonuses..lol. The stupid music they put with the games, is such a come on..making you want to play more and more. I have been playing for about 10plus years now. I dont go all the time, but when I go…if I have money in my pocket, or bank card..I will spend it. I WIN almost every time…but can’t seem to walk away with it. Recently I kind of blew it, and wrote a couple checks, ok..4 that I thought I would be able to cover..but..I didnt and they bounced. The only one I know I hurt is really myself, since I am my own boss, and dont ask for help for money. Each time I leave the casino after spending sooo much, I am pretty disgusted with myself , yet..go back again another day.

I think I may be addicted..however a counselor said I wasnt. I like playing the games, and really don’t want to give it up. I just want to know how, and if..there is any suggestions on how I can just walk away with my winnings..and not spend the whole pocket of lute. I have recently began leaving my debit card at home, and only taking some of my money. Is there anyone out there who helps you to be a more responsible gambler? or all the helpers, just help you to quit all together? I am very upset with myself for the bounced checks and have to deal with now paying them back one at a time. I have contacted the casinos and explained my problem. Was very honest with them. Am I just a Addict and need to quit all together? I dont drink, dont party, have no real friends where i live, need some kind of action..

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Thanks for any help you have to offer.


Dear Sherry,

I can’t imagine what kind of “counselor” said you were not addicted to gambling. Let me assure you, you do show all the signs of problem gambling.

If you are unable to stop even though you know the behavior is destructive then you need to seek help. To dip your toe in the pool of gambling help I would suggest you find a local Gamblers Anonymous meeting and go to the next one. Sit in the back of the room and let people know it’s your first visit. You can find you local Gamblers Anonymous meeting here.

To me it sounds like you have distractive spending brought about by your underlying relationship and life situation. The emotional reward you get from the casino helps to fuel your desire to go back. While you did not say what your game of choice was, you sound like a perfect candidate for a slot machine addict.

There is great hope for you. You can break this cycle. And if you don’t it’s not going to end well. It never does.

It’s time to bet on a better future. Go to Gamblers Anonymous and deal with your abusive husband. It’s time for some changes that leave you with a better life moving forward.

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