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Disbarred Debt Settlement Attorney Charged With Selling Illegal Machine Guns

In case anyone wants to know what apparently happens with former debt settlement attorneys that get caught for doing bad things, Richard Brennan, can be the poster child.

Brennan who has been in the debt relief industry for a while, and worked for both nonprofit credit counseling groups and his own law firm, had reached a settlement with the Maryland Attorney General regarding his activities.

In 2009, Brennan was disbarred and received a further judgment against him, all relating to his debt settlement activities.

According to Montgomery County, Maryland police, Brennan was caught with eight machine guns in his Maryland home in February.

Brennan had started a business named PD Demos and Sales in Charles Town, West Virginia. However, a search of West Virginia licensed businesses could not find a company authorized to do business under this name. A Federal Firearms License was located under a Richard A. Brennan with a Washington, D.C. telephone number.

The adventure reportedly began when police visited the West Virginia address of Brennan’s gun dealership and found he was not located there. is reporting “Police investigators allege that Brennan had kept more than 50 firearms at his home in Clarksburg, had been receiving mail for PD Demo and Sales at his home and had been shipping firearms from his home, though he did not have a license in Maryland to sell firearms, court records state.

Brennan has been under investigation since July 2010.

According to District Court records, Brennan reported to Montgomery County police the theft of 24 firearms, valued at $26,000, from his home and later claimed that the book that logged his firearm transactions were among the stolen items.

But Montgomery County Police detectives said that they already found three of Brennan’s missing guns before he filed the report, according to District Court records, and had charged Tarrey Jackson — a man renting a room in Brennan’s home — with stealing the guns. Jackson reportedly told police that Brennan was a firearms dealer and had been selling guns from his vehicle, court records state.

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Jackson pleaded guilty to having the guns and was sentenced in September to five years in prison, with three and a half years suspended, plus two years supervised probation, according to online court records.” – Source


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