Practical Debt Relief Mentioned in Confusing Press Release

A reader and tipster (send in your tips here) sent me the link to a rather confusing press release about Practical Debt Relief. The release, which looks like it was put out by their SEO vendor, makes it appear Practical Debt Relief is a lead generator rather than a debt relief provider.

Furthermore, eBrandz’ services gave a massive fillip to the traffic inflow of PracticalDebtRelief.com. The website experienced an increase in traffic approximately within a 90-day mark and the inflow continues rising each day. The website receives an average of four qualified leads every day and these leads sell for $75.

Are they trying to sell these leads or assign a value to the four leads they get? It’s not clear.

I have no clue with “massive fillip to the traffic inflow” means so I had to lookup fillip, n – “something that adds stimulation or enjoyment.” Well okay then, who doesn’t enjoy some stimulating leads.

The release then says: “Greg Pesetsky recommends eBrandz to every organization that requires SEO to improve their search engine rank, and thereby, popularity. “A business owner would have to be living in the dark to not understand the benefits of SEO and the importance of working with a reputable company like eBrandz,” claimed an elated Pesetsky.” But at the top of the release it said: “Prior, the company used another US Based SEO provider who deployed black hat SEO tactics that did not reap the desired results.”

So which is it, was the company living in the dark and then found the light? And why would the company admit to using devious SEO techniques?

So you can see why it’s all very confusing?

About Practical Debt Relief: The founder/president of Practical Debt Relief, Greg Pesetsky started this organization in 2008. Pesetsky had been in the industry since 2001 and had run a company called Debt Management Credit Counseling previously. The other personnel of the company include Rogelio Rodriguez (Co-Founder and Social Media Director), William Avila (Co-Founder and Marketing Director) and Anthony Cibene (Certified Debt Arbitrator / Debt Specialist). – Source


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3 thoughts on “Practical Debt Relief Mentioned in Confusing Press Release”

  1. Steve, Its Greg again. OK I would have to agree that this Press Release seems confusing. This is one of the few companies that do perform SEO work on Practical Debt Relief. They are a great company but also have Indian writers so the article came out seeming unclear. We are not a lead company and they were trying to get the message across that we simply receive a lot more qualified consumers in actual need of our services on a daily basis. The previous company we no longer used because we don’t believe in bad or old SEO techniques. I’m more about hard work and doing things the right way.

    No we were never living in the dark Steve, give me a little break here! 🙂 I am now subscribing to your feeds so I can get this information much sooner next time.  I would also like to submit a guest post if you will allow me. I will make it funny and educational and will submit it on the proper page.


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