ReCon Trust and Bank of America Can’t Provide Proof They Foreclosed on Me. – Tim

“Dear Andy,

I had owned a home in Oregon with a previous wife and in 2007 we divorced so i kept the house and had to refinance it into my name. By January of 2008 I could no longer afford the home and had tried selling it without any luck. The home foreclosed and was sold in September of 2009.

I am currently in the process of joining the Navy and I need to show proof that I no longer owe debt on this house. I have my credit report, but the recruiter wants something more substantial like a court document or final statement. I spoke with ReConTrust (they sold the home for B of America) about this and all they can give me is the letter saying the date and time the house is to be sold at the courthouse. I did recieve a 1099- A but have since lost it after tax time in 2010. Is there any other way to get proof that I no longer owe on this debt? Can I get a replacement of my 1099?

Thanks for your help


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Dear Tim,

Your local registry of deeds should have what you need. If you lost the home in Sept 2009 the deed to your property should show ownership transferring to the lender, and then eventually to whomever bought the home after that. I would think that would be sufficient for a military recruiter. You may also want to include a “letter of explanation” to outline what had happened, and that you know longer have any involvement in the property.

If the recruiter needs more than this I would suggest contacting BOA directly to request a copy of the 1099 from them. It may not be easy, BOA moves slow on everything in my experience, but I would guess that they would be your best source for this information.

Good luck and keep us posted on your progress in the comment section below.

Best Regards,

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