Do You Want a Free Google+ Invite? I’ll Send One to You.

Google+ is a brand new tool that allows people to connect and share, much like Facebook.

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Right now it’s hard for me to connect with all of my friends through my GetOutOfDebt.org website during this transition to bring Google+ online so I’m offering a free invitation to join me online.

If you are already on Google+ and would like to connect with me, My Google+ profile can be found online here.

Google+ certainly appears to be the next big social sharing tool. My experience so far as a beta tester has been very positive.

It is easy to communicate and share and I enjoy the granular privacy settings so I can have one place to share information with close friends and also with just people in general.

Frankly, Facebook is getting far too complicated to manage all that sort of data, at least with the changes they’ve made over the past year.

If you’d like for me to send you a Google+ invitation code, just complete the form below.

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