I Had an Account Charge Off, Tried to Settle It, But Now I Can’t Pay. – Will

“Dear Damon,

I owe on a debt that was charged off and when I tried to make arrangements to settle it a couple of yrs ago the creditor didn’t have my account anymore. I tried to receive information from them about the recent creditor so I could try to settle the debt but they wouldn’t give it to me.

Now I just moved 2 months ago and a month after I moved I received a letter about the debt but didn’t have any money to pay it because the money I did have was used for moving expenses. 2 weeks later I get another letter and harassing phone calls about the debt. I receive SSI and I really can’t afford to make any arrangements to pay the debt right now b/c I moved.

How can I try to settle the debt with the debt collector and without the situation ending up court and how can I stop them from calling me everyday?


Hello Will,

Well that depends. How long will it take you to raise the funds to settle with them? Typically SSI is protected income. Do you have any other assets? There really is no good way to prevent them from calling. If you send a cease communication letter it could prompt a lawsuit.

How old is the debt? Is this the only debt you have? How much is it for?

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